Crypto x Real Estate

Cryptocurrency is here to stay, and will soon be a part of our everyday real estate transactions. Learn what you need to know NOW when the call comes.

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How Well Do You Know Crypto x Real Estate?

What's Here and Why You Need It

I've done 5 real estate transactions to date using cryptocurrency. In this course, I'll show you how it's done and also educate you on the fundamentals of Blockchain technology. We'll also explore tax implications, the current system problems, payment solutions and the escrow process. You'll leave with a solid foundation and knowledge to do your first crypto transaction!

5% of profits from the sale of this course goes to PATH, dedicated to helping individuals, families and communities end their homelessness in LA County.

Everything You Need to Know About Crypto x Real Estate

Right Here, Right Now.

The Talk on Crypto

Learn what it takes to do a full crypto-to-cash or crypto-to-crypto transaction and everything you need to know about cryptocurrency itself.

Blockchain 101

You'll also learn the fundamentals of Blockchain tech and how it's already revolutionizing the real estate industry.

The Sky is the Limit

You'll propel your brokerage to the next level while increasing your bottom line by being one of the few crypto-agent disruptors. 

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"My business is all about digital information. This is the only course of its kind on the market - succinct, to the point and very informative! It contains all the tools a real estate agent will ever need to get the deal done."

Robert Torres
Founder, Millennials Digital



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